Digital Archiving and Repository Policy

                                                                                  About Indexation

Journal of Global Trade, Ethics and Law aiming to expand its vision and presence to users, has electronic backup and preservation of access to the content of its journal via the British Library, as its main repository, in addition to other repositories such as the Internet Archive, Zenodo and OpenAire.

The Internet Archive is a free, digital, non-profit library with millions of pieces of content offered for free viewing and use by all. Zenodo, on the other hand, of equal synthesis with the Internet Archive, is a free library for the free sharing and viewing of scientific materials and research financed by the European Union.


                                                                           About Repository Policy

Each Author has the right to publish their Article in any repository, without any restriction, provided that the name of the Journal and the main information relating to the publication of the Article are appropriately indicated, including DOI, Volume and Issue of publication. For further information please contact the Publisher by email at: